CCPA (MongoDB Proxy 1 Week) Waiting for breaches before you worry about CCPA compliance? Just 250,000 California citizens hacked, $2 Billion in fines

CCPA GDPR (MongoDB Proxy 1 Week) Are you waiting for a few breaches before you worry about CCPA compliance? Just 250 thousand California citizens hacked, can translate into $2 Billion in fines. If you don’t use DPIAComply for compliancy & are breached, your ability to argue in court that compliancy wasn’t possible may be ineffective if the plaintiffs use DPIAComply to show a solution was possible.

A nearly complete CCPA/GDPR solution is installable & ready to deliver day 1, and will protect most any company’s data so that a hacker will only capture encrypted Personal data. Your company and your customers will be protected.

Look for Friday’s news on our MongoDB Compliance Proxy / App!

We are the ‘Most Complete Compliance Solution’ & can prove it in just a few days.

  1. We Discover & encrypt Personal Information from most any file type.
  2. We provide a Proxy that allows your eCommerce Sites & Business Apps to use                       the encrypted data.
  3. Consent, Right of Erasure, OCR, Biometrics, More… AWS/AMI

Contact us for reasonable pricing at 847-440-4439


ccpa and mongodb


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