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Privacy is a top of mind concern for many, everyplace you turn you hear some report about another company who has had the data they house for the purpose of serving their customer base compromised, and another report of how regulators are going to penalize companies that do not provide due diligence on the full complement of privacy information housed for the purpose of conducting digital commerce.  With many false starts and complications, you know you are at risk but have limited insight on how to remediate that risk.

I know I can help you in remediating this risk.  Through my expertise and Privacy Assure technology, I can have you up and running and start eradicating the risks associated with data privacy lapses within 30 days.  I welcome to show you how my AWS S3 Cloud and Hadoop (Select, Sequester & Secure) expertise and technology, built entirely on an intelligent big data catalog, will get you started and significantly on the way to eradicating the risks almost everyone faces when housing the personal data of customers, they serve.  If time is of the essence, I can even get you started with one of my turnkey solutions, which only require an electrical outlet, access to your network, and a few hours to train one or two of your team members to get you started on the road to data privacy assurance or become part of your team for any length of time as a consultant or W2 Employee.