Says ChatGPT to my Opinion: Artificial intelligence is not as advanced as people are saying it is.

Says ChatGPT to my Opinion: Artificial intelligence is not as advanced as people are saying it is. AI is only as good as the developers and AI is not cognitive or able to make its own independent intelligent decisions.

ChatGPT Says:

I understand that there are different perspectives on the current state of artificial intelligence (AI). While AI has made significant progress in recent years, it is true that AI systems have limitations and are not yet fully equivalent to human cognitive abilities.

AI systems are designed and developed by human experts who train them on vast amounts of data and provide them with algorithms and models to perform specific tasks. These systems excel at pattern recognition, data processing, and automation, often outperforming humans in certain specialized tasks. However, they lack the broader understanding, creativity, and common sense that humans possess.

AI systems are not truly cognitive or conscious entities; they do not possess subjective experiences or self-awareness. They operate based on predetermined rules and algorithms, which guide their decision-making process. They rely on the data they were trained on and cannot generate new knowledge independently.

It’s important to acknowledge the advancements and potential of AI while also recognizing its limitations. Ongoing research and development in the field are focused on enhancing AI systems to improve their capabilities and address these limitations. However, the goal of creating an AI system that possesses human-level general intelligence or autonomy is still a complex and ongoing challenge.


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