The potential fine of $1 million for not providing a patient with timely access to their healthcare information and cost is a significant penalty

The potential fine of $1 million for not providing a patient with timely access to their healthcare information and cost is a significant penalty that highlights the importance of complying with regulations and providing patients with access to their health information. This fine may be imposed by regulatory bodies such as the HHS Office for Civil Rights and may also result in legal action from the patient.

Healthcare providers have a legal obligation to provide patients with access to their healthcare information and cost in a timely manner. Failure to comply with this obligation can have serious consequences, both for the provider’s reputation and financial stability. In addition to fines, providers may also face legal action, loss of accreditation, and damage to their reputation.

It is important for healthcare providers to understand and comply with regulatory requirements related to patient access to health information and cost transparency. By doing so, providers can help to promote patient trust, improve outcomes, and avoid costly penalties and legal action.

What the Free 1-year BDR-Comply-VM delivers:

  • Near immediate 21st Century Cures Act & FHIR Compliance, avoiding HHS/ONC Regulatory violations and enforcement.
  • AutoMap’s HL7 into FHIR.
  • Mapping interface for RDBMS EMR/EHRs and other Healthcare systems
  • With over 40,000 possible fields to populate in FHIR, it will take years of effort and many resources to build your own FHIR server.
  • BDR-Comply-VM installs in minutes and starts delivering immediately. This will allow your company to represent to HHS/ONC that you will have a viable solution in just days to a month after installing BDR-Comply-VM.
    • Avoiding being guilty of HHS Information Blocking
    • Avoiding being non-compliant with delivery of the 21st Century Cures Act
    • Achieve the industry required Interoperability of Patient and Healthcare Information

BDR-Comply-VM delivers this in a single, self-contained Virtual Machine. Implementation in hours, training in days and the first year’s subscription absolutely FREE. Avoid HHS,ONC headaches or even other significant regulatory challenges.

BDR-Comply-Healthcare-VM download link >

On-line training sessions for multiple employees for only two thousand dollars a day with optional maintenance packages.

Contact: BDR-Comply Phone: 847-440-4439

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