GDPR CCPA – What I see as the story why 99% of companies are Non-Compliant, “Defense Attorneys”. Companies have decided to defend themselves, Bad Idea

GDPR CCPA – What I see as the Real story behind 99% of companies being Non-Compliant, “Defense Attorneys”. Companies have decided to defend themselves in court rather than attempt to become compliant. If there are no solutions available in the market, that argument may work, However, We have unfortunately eliminated that defense for almost all companies. DPIAComply’s products can demonstrate, in just a few days, that it is possible to Discover Personal Information, Remediate via encryption, and by using our Proxy Servers allow business applications and websites to quickly function as usual while using the encrypted / compliant data. Volume of data might also be used as an argument suggesting Compliance is not possible, though our products can handle petabytes of data.

Our products are not expensive and perhaps Compliance will be much cheaper than the costs of just the legal defense and court actions.

If Mr. Becerra California’s “Attorney General”, and “EU’s Regulators” used our technology they could easily demonstrate that a company can become compliant with the proper technology and perhaps leave you with no defense.

It is apparent from new jobs being posted for “CCPA”, “GDPR”, “GRC” and “Data Privacy”, that companies are searching for legal council positions just as vigorously as they are searching for technology positions to deliver Compliance Solutions. Perhaps they seek DPO’s or other Compliance Advisors, but equally likely they wish to find holes in the Regulations that could support their court defenses or support arguments to delay enforcement of regulations. Again, we believe this tactic will fail as DPIAComply can demonstrate within days that these arguments have no substance.

Don’t overlook the power that civilians will have in California. If Class Action Firms become armed with technology like DPIAComply’s, they could push for Discovery of their Clients data in the Defendants systems and be able to find it in just days.

There really isn’t a good reason to remain non-compliant now that DPIAComply can solve your Compliance problems so quickly. Why not become respected by your customers by advertising their Personal Information is encrypted and safe from hackers inevitable breaches.

DPIAComply Discovers & Encrypts production, IoT and Data at rest files and our Proxy Servers allow your eCommerce & websites to function as always, usually with a simple and quick Port modification.

Change your Data Source server’s Port Numbers to point to our Proxy Servers and your eCommerce systems, websites, back & front-end applications will function normally for the majority.

Our Spark / Java Apps and Proxies run outside of, or within Hadoop to scale to meet the needs of most any size company!

DPIAComply’s other functionality;

                – Right of Erasure and Right of Information, by using our extensive metadata catalogues.

                – Consent Processing that adjusts for new data entering your environment.

–  Process JDBC, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Teradata, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, HDFS, PDF,

                   E-mail, Office docs & more

 Please call us & let make becoming compliant easy. 847-440-4439

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