GDPR. CCPA Is live! Now what? There is no ‘Grace Period’. This year could be unpleasant if your Customers Personal Data is not Encrypted & your Vendors, or Consultancies, have suggested that ‘Right of Erasure’, Discovery, do not sell or ‘Consent’ is being Compliant. Those are important, but Encrypting your data is the heart of both CCPA & GDPR & should be your primary concern.

Without Encrypting your data files, you are not compliant & most vulnerable.

Most companies have not attempted to encrypt their data because their Websites & Business Applications would cease functioning, & they would likely be out of business. Don’t believe your vendors or consultancies if they suggest it can’t be done without years of work.

DPIAComply has the solution & can deliver in just a few months for even the largest firms.

Our Proxy Servers allow eCommerce, Customer Centric Websites, Front & Back-end Applications, & many 3rd Party software products to communicate with encrypted data files without the need for modifications. You can encrypt your data & immediately conduct business as usual.

Make this a Safe & Happy Data New Year.

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