GDPR, CCPA were not enacted to stop hacking, but to demand that companies either encrypt or otherwise pseudonymize customers’ Personal Information

GDPR, CCPA and GRC were not enacted to stop hacking, but to demand that companies either encrypt or otherwise pseudonymize customers’ Personal Information so that the data becomes useless to hackers. Hackers can breach most any system no matter what Cyber Security or Firewall Software is installed. Even the largest tech Companies have not been able to stop the hackers and because their data is not encrypted, many of their customers are now at risk.  It is like wrapping paper on a package, it meets industry guidelines, but doesn’t keep anyone out.

As yet Companies have failed to follow Compliance Regulations because they feel the solution is just too complicated to figure out. Why else would they risk public disdain and backlash every time they are hacked? And soon, CCPA can use their legal power to levy heavy fines to compel companies to comply. Even with the potential for severe penalties for non-compliance we see very little progress toward data protection, and many companies are planning to use the argument in court that it is impossible to achieve compliance.

We at DPIAComply are disappointed that companies have fallen victim to vendors making claims that they have software to make them Compliant, only to find out a few months later that all their software could do was tell them where Personal Data existed in your data files. Most of your technical staff could have told you the same information if you had just asked them. These vendors don’t offer data encryption services, or more importantly a plan to have your eCommerce and Business Apps use the data once encrypted. They also do not offer a communication portal for Consent and Request Documents.

We at DPIAComply are not marketers, we are Software Developers, and only know how to state the facts on what our technology delivers. Our Application and Proxy Server will Discover and Encrypt Personal Data AND PROVIDE A MECHANISM TO USE THE ENCRYPTED DATA with minimal to no modifications to your Websites and Applications!

An added benefit of our product is that it will take only a week to demonstrate, in your environment, what we say we deliver, TRUE!


We stand by our contentions that data encryption and proxy servers to allow safe communication between non-encrypted and encrypted data, is the ONLY means to remain in business as usual and stop Hackers from stealing your customers’ Personal Information. Facebook, WAWA, CapitalOne, Equifax, DoorDash, Marriott and so many others have proven this point.  Why not invest a small fraction of your revenue in protecting your data against the negatives of a successful beach, such as GDPR fines of 4% of last year’s intake or CCPA fines that could be over $2 billion for exposing personal data of just 250k California Citizens.

Use our Technology on your Premises, on Amazon’s AWS (AMI) or even a VM on a departmental Desktop or Laptop to see for yourself this is real, that it works as we claim, that it scales to handle most any data volumes and that your eCommerce, websites and most all back-end processes will run as usual. If you are disappointed in any way just show us the door, and you owe us nothing.

The clock is striking midnight and the hackers know this, yet with DPIAComply you still have time!

WordPress users, you are the most vulnerable, comprising 86% of the 90,000 daily website hacks. DPIAComply offers a NON Plugin Solution that can be implemented in as little as minutes to hours and have you CCPA ready. And by the way, we are the only WP solution on the market today for true CCPA or GDPR Delivery.

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