GDPR/CCPA – Is ‘Wait and See’ a viable strategy? Jan 1, CA Citizens file civil suits & Jul 1 the AG files criminal cases. A Breach could be Billions $

GDPR/CCPA – Is ‘Wait & See’ a viable strategy? After Jan 1, CA Citizens file civil suits & Jul 1 the AG will file criminal cases. A small breach will have potential liabilities nearing a $billion, & a breach affecting 10 million CA citizens could result in many $billions in fines. Citizen motivation to file is the great unknown but won’t Class Action Legal firms already be planning their strategies?  There will be a strong profit incentive for citizens & lawyers to cash-in on your misfortune.

There are many reasons nearly all Companies are not compliant; which category do you fall into;

  1. I bought software that Discovers personal information & just realized I need the data encrypted & my Websites & business apps need to access that data.
  2. I hired programmers to fight their way through it, But they had no idea how to technically deliver Compliance & management didn’t either.
  3. I hired consultants; they only addressed Consent processing, then I realized it is a tiny piece of compliancy.

We have built an application that addresses the significant portions of compliancy, in months.

Start now, before you are breached.

Contact us  847-440-4439

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