CCPA GDPR; BDR App/Proxy Technology, Consulting Team, for 3rd Party Deliverers, Complete Compliance in weeks – months, even for Clients with Petabytes

CCPA GDPR; BDR App/Proxy Technology & Consulting Team, For 3rd Party Deliverers, Complete Compliance in weeks to months, even for firms with Petabytes of data.

See and Trial product & come to a mutually beneficial agreement to assist you & your clients.

Our Technology and team delivers;

  1. Complete Data Protection Impact Assessments.
    1. Discovery against ALL your Corporate Data Assets
    2. Comprehensive Metadata Catalogs that support other Compliance requirements such as ‘Right of Erasure’, ‘Right of Information’.
  2. Remediation:
    1. Encrypt discovered PII as found & directly update the source in real time; or
    2. Utilize the Metadata Catalogs or BDR & Encrypt anytime
  3. Implement the BDR Proxy Server to;
    1. Keep production systems operational after data has been encrypted. eCommerce websites, Customer Centric & back-end applications, access encrypted data allowing business as usual for your client.
  4. The BDR Consent & Request Module automates citizen’s requests to reduce human errors & missed  For Contact

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GDPR CCPA For 3rd Parties Deliverers, Complete Compliance in weeks to months with BigDataRevealed


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