CPA & GDPR – Many WordPress Websites face almost insurmountable obstacles becoming Compliant. Because hosted/managed WP not allow .sh file Exec

CCPA & GDPR – Many WordPress Websites face almost insurmountable obstacles becoming Compliant. Because hosted/managed WP sites do not allow for the execution of a or Windows.BAT file. BDR’s comprehensive GDPR/CCPA compliance software and Encryption Translation Proxy will be excluded by this limitation and force millions of hosted WP sites to seek a different or additional platform (SAAS) if they wish to protect themselves from regulators and their customers from hackers.

It is understandable that Apache WP restricted access to these files because it hinders Hackers from entering the environment & affecting other shared Clients, however, it now will stifle millions of WP Users from becoming GDPR / CCPA compliant & put them at risk of potentially unsustainable fines. We believe that Hosting companies should open a few doors or make vetted products available on their local sites as Amazon does with their AMI program for their AWS; especially for mandated compliance.

BigDataRevealed has built AMI’s for Amazon’s AWS and has created a similar product for hosting sites (as a Plugin) so that compliance could be possible for all their clients. BigDataRevealed is able to integrate successfully with WP except for the problem of Starting’ our Linux Spark/Java Apps & Database Proxy for a managed WP website.

For WP sites on dedicated servers there is no problem integrating our application as the client has access to a command line or automated programmatic means to Start our application.

We will be simplifying our current AMI files on AWS for WP Users and other companies to offer them a positive approach to becoming compliant. Customers will have the choice of remaining non-compliant, opening an AWS account and remaining on their original hosted site, or migrating their site to Amazon or another non managed cloud site. They will incur a minor inconvenience and cost of opening an AWS instance, while the AMI, BDR-Proxy and Compliance Application and AWS instance will be about $100.00 a month, based on volume (AWS Costs). The company will have no other costs or application changes and will become Compliant almost overnight. Their valued Customers Personal Information will be encrypted and they will also have features allowing them to communicate with their Customers using their encrypted Data Files but displaying it in unencrypted format for the client to see.

Our soon to be delivered SAAS should be available for SSL and SSH servers and MySQL Databases in the upcoming weeks. We of course have our on premise complete 360% GDPR / CCPA Compliance and Proxy solutions available and our AMI for full usage on Amazons AWS for Big Data Hadoop, S3 and all popular JDBC RDBMS. Our proxy to communicate Ecommerce / Websites is currently MySQL, with Oracle expected shortly, and other major SQL and Non SQL file systems by year end.

BDR Delivers:

·        DPIA’s, Discovery & Encryption of Personal Information, Major RDBMS’s, Big Data (HDFS), OCR, Biometrics, Office, PDF & more…

·        BDR-Proxy Accesses encrypted data from Databases* & displays it in un-encrypted format on your website.

·        Creates Comprehensive Metadata Catalogs.

·        Perform Right of Erasure. Identifies Information you have for a Customer.

·        BDR Consent Module interactively collects Consent & Regulatory Requests from customers & allows your delivery of results.

·        Free remote group training. Learn the easy use, set-up & install procedures.

·        One Day to Install & start Delivering! Complete interactive Graphical interface.

·        Latest Spark/Java/Spring/Swagger API Technology. Apache Hadoop 3.1 or Cloudera or Hortonworks.

·        Scalable to process Billions of rows in minutes to hours.

Some usual ways in which a standard WordPress site might collect user data:

●      User registrations,

●      Comments,

●      Contact form entries,

●      Analytics and traffic log solutions,

●      Any other logging tools and plugins,

●      Security tools and plugins.

Here are some key aspects of the WordPress GDPR that users need to take care of:

(a) Breach notification

(b) Data collection, processing and storage

Three elements of this: Right to Access, Right to Be Forgotten and Data Portability.

Privacy by design encourages controllers to enforce data policies which enable the processing and storage of only that data which is absolutely necessary. This encourages site owners and controllers to adopt potentially safer policies for data, by limiting the access to a number of data points.

As a WordPress site owner, you first need to publish a detailed policy on which personal data points you’re using, how they are being processed and stored. BDR can help you as part of its solutions and services offerings.

Next, you need to have a setup to provide users with a copy of their data. This is perhaps the most difficult part of the process. However, we can assume that when the time comes, most plugin developers or tool developers – for the tools and plugins that you have on your site – will have already come forward with their own solutions to this. It is well advised, however, to have a system in place to derive the required data out of your database. Again, BDR can help you with their MySQL/MariaDB plugin and SaaS offerings with their extensive, comprehensive Metadata Catalogs stored in MySQL.

(c) Use of plugins – implications of WordPress GDPR compliance

Any plugins that you use will also need to comply with the GDPR rules. As a site owner, it is still your responsibility, though, to make sure that every plugin can export/provide/erase(encrypt) user data it collects in compliance with the GDPR rules. This can still mean some tough times for some of the most popular plugins out there. For instance, solutions like Gravity Forms or Jetpack have a lot of modules that collect user data by nature. How are those tools going to comply with the GDPR exactly? So, you need to collect Plugin metadata and track them in a database. BDR can help

For plugins too, the same GDPR rules apply, although they must be approached from the point of view of the WordPress site owner. Each plugin needs to establish a data flow and inform about the processing of personal data. If you are the developer of a plugin, consider providing users of your plugin an addendum that they may add to their website’s terms in order to make them GDPR compliant. Gravity Forms, for instance, needs to let the user know how personal data being filled in a contact form is going to be published, and an option to get it removed, if necessary. BDR can be used as a tool to take care of plugin metadata both on the user side and developer side.

Arrange a live demo and even request to have us point to your Data live for the demo from our AWS Servers.

Fortune Companies can become Enterprise Compliant in months; for as little as a $10,000 monthly subscription. Includes BDR-Web-Proxy; change Port/IP & your Website communicates with Encrypted Data*, Your Data & BDR-APP remain on your servers or Cloud for the Compliancy processes.

BDR Available Now, Proxy Now for MySQL *list of current DB’s and others as scheduled, just ask.

Call 847-440-4439

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