We are disillusioned with our ability at all levels to reach compliancy. More articles released weekly. There are virtually no Experts in CCPA, GDPR.

CCPA/GDPR/Big Data   We have become disillusioned with our ability at all levels to reach compliancy as more articles are released every week. There are virtually no Experts to direct a Compliance Project, to true success. Cyber Security Technologies have proven vulnerable as breaches continue to occur. How do we navigate the challenges to reach compliance, when we don’t know who to trust?

We have spent 5 years developing emerging technologies, architectures & methodologies specifically for the purpose of achieving Data Regulatory Compliances.

Why should you trust us? Because we have a Completed Application capable of processing Billions of rows of data that you can see & touch, install in a day on your premises or cloud.  View our video  https://youtu.be/VOPY2CZ0UtM.

Let us help you complete your compliance plan, understand what is required to succeed & keep you from methodologies that are certain to fail. Cut years off your Data Compliance project & reduce the risks of data compliance uncertainties.


Steve Meister 847-440-4439 steven.meister@bigdatarevealed.com

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