CCPA, GDPR, Oracle Fast & EASY Right of Erasure/Use of Data and Encryption and Compliance with Spark/JAVA JDBC

You will see in this short Oracle example video how fast & EASY BigDataRevealed allows you to setup & run against most any JDBC Database or Hadoop ecosystem, & process a Citizens request for their “Right of Erasure”, Remediation through Encryption & another quick example of viewing, & analyzing BigDataRevealed’s Comprehensive Metadata Catalogs.

BigDataRevealed takes EASY to the next level, straightforward, uncomplicated, accurate, scalable & deliverable.

BigDataRevealed makes it “EASY” to execute on the Right to know what Information you have on a Citizen, a Sophisticated Reciprocal Consent Module, Advanced Encryption, Point of Sale collaboration and coexistence Spring Framework API’s and a complete GDPR, CCPA series of API’s to assist you in reaching Compliancy.

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Here is the short video demonstrating the “Right of Erasure”, Encryption & Metadata using Spark, Java, JDBC against  the Oracle RDBMS & full powers of Apache 3.1 Hadoop.

#gdpr #ccpa #apache #hadoop #dpo #california #compliance #encryption #eu #Oracle

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