EU GDPR, So far it seems to have failed EU Citizens, however the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) might produce the results expected from GDPR

EU GDPR, So far it seems to have failed EU Citizens, however the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) might produce the results expected from GDPR and may even encourage the EU to finally enforce their own regulations.  I feel the CCPA, has not coincidentally, selected the 5 most difficult to deliver Requirements of the GDPR in their CCPA Requirements, and nearly every aspect of Data Discovery and Protection needs to be run by sophisticated, purposeful technology  in order to successfully comply.  Being able to comply with CCPA will automatically give you most everything you need for GDPR. Technology written to create Intelligent Metadata Catalogs, discover and remediate personal information will allow a company to improve accuracy, usability and scalability of their Big Data Analytics and remain safe from regulators and even the public.

What corporations should begin to plan for is the eventual awakening of customers and ‘Class Action’ Lawyers that may attempt to profit from these regulations. If a Celebrity influences even a small portion of the population to request their rights under CCPA, will a corporation buckle under the pressure to find all information regarding those customers?  Imagine the effort to locate all the accumulated data, documents, emails, pictures and other information that exists for even five or ten thousand individuals.  Hopefully ‘Class Action’ cases won’t be initiated if a data breach becomes known to the public, but who can predict the motivations of others.

Many Companies in the USA seem fearful of CCPA regulations judging from their resent search for experts. Judge for yourself, and view this short video to see just what Companies will be facing this January of 2020.

Just any one of these 5 CCPA requests acted upon by even a smaller portion of California citizens might be crippling and certainly would be extremely expensive and disruptive.

It will be important to gage the desire of California to enforce CCPA regulations in order to assess your vulnerability. However from my reading of CCPA there will be ample support for customers to push their own agendas forward in court.

There is a massive shortage of skilled technologists; as many as 5 million has been suggested in several major articles. It might be prudent to search for existing technology designed for these regulations rather than attempt to build them yourselves.  It might be problematic to wait 9 months and then discover that the development team used the wrong approach or lacked the technical skills for success. Save elapsed time, remove uncertainty, know your solution is viable and choose a product designed for regulatory compliance.


BigDataRevealed is ready now.


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