GDPR – Understanding the Rights GDPR gives to individuals. Who can really offer many or any of these? How many affected by the Data Breaches?

GDPR – Understanding the Rights GDPR gives to individuals. Who can really offer any of these? The rights are: to be informed, access to data, to rectification, erasure, to restrict processing, to data portability, to object & rights in relation to automated decision making profiling. Who has tried to exercise any of their GDPR Rights? What mechanisms do Companies have to provide these rights? How many received any GDPR Requests & able to verify them? How many affected by the Data Breaches?

I would like to see comments & thumbs up or down to compare to a group in the EU I have asked to make such requests of companies that know they should meet the GDPR. I will be intrigued to see the results of the fortune companies that have publicly claimed they are GDPR prepared.

I encourage C Levels to comment & list those rights they provide their customers. Don’t forget to include the obvious GDPR requirement to protect customers’ personal data. What a Marketing opportunity!

I thank all in advance. I believe many companies claim they are compliant without knowing what it really means. I also feel most solutions might never be successful as they have chosen the wrong Architecture, technologies & methodologies.

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