Demystify the primary algorithm parameters & create more accurate pre-processing of images to allow more precise matching for the “Right of Erasure”

BigDataRevealed’s GDPR V2 Facial / Object Recognition enhances its graphical interface to Demystify the primary algorithm parameters & create more accurate pre-processing of images to allow more precise matching of images with fewer false positives for the “Right of Erasure” & other uses. We understand the desire of Google & Facebook to seemingly satisfy the interests of their Customers while articles make claims that suggest social media is continuing to exploit our personal information. BDR’s Big Data application can be used by most any company to satisfy regulatory requirements & improve security for personal data privacy & protection. BigDataRevealed(BDR) will donate the use of its Facial Recognition technology to nonprofits for lost & exploited children & socially important services.

BDR’s Graphical Interface allows Users management of Parameters that control the Facial Recognition Algorithm. BDR’s enhanced image pre-processing will separate single faces from pictures containing multiple people. BDR is able to precisely crop, rotate & smooth images to maximize the capabilities of the LBPH algorithm. BDR is designed for Big Data on Amazon’s AWS Cloud, Microsoft’s Azure as well as Hadoop on these and most any platform for the general market place.

Facebook recently asked users to upload 10 year old photos to see how they have aged.  It has been an enjoyable activity for many users but as articles have suggested it was perhaps done to build a database of photos to assist in development of Artificial Intelligence to predict aspects of facial aging. Facebook allows Users to tag pictures with users names as well as notify users when their picture is posted by someone else.

Google allows users to apply labels to photos, upload a photo and search google for matching photos. Google recently stated it will not sell Facial Recognition for now.

What will limit the general use of similar applications for facial recognition is the ability to store sufficient images for a population and then to have enough processing speed to complete the matching process. That is why BigDataRevealed has built their product using Hadoop to provide the massive storage capability and Java and Spark to significantly improve processing speed over traditional Python applications.

Be an early adopter of the BigDataRevealed for GDPR, OCR, Facial and Object Recognition, General Data Regulatory Requirements and its Big Data Accelerator capability as one of the 3 beta sites we are seeking that includes remote support to get you fully installed, implemented and trained. Deliver result for millions to billions of rows of data, Facial Recognition Usage and much more.

Please follow our posts as more exciting news about BigDataRevealed will be forthcoming soon.

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bigdatarevealed v2 facial recognition preprocess image parameters in graphical interface

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