BigDataRevealed soon to process OCR files, discovery of personal information & the use of Facial & Item Recognition (Biometrics) for Right of Erasure

As per Mr. Miller COO of BigDataRevealed (BDR), the ability to process OCR files for discovery of personal information, as well, the ability to use Facial & Item Recognition (Biometrics) Matching for Right of Erasure, will be released next month lifting BDR beyond expectations and will be a major asset in providing a full spectrum of deliverables for what I view as the strongest GDPR solution on the market today. I am personally excited and await these new technologies to introduce them to new employers or consulting clients.

Documents previously scanned using OCR technology, such as hand-written or typed documents, as well as OCR processed PDFs will soon be as easy for BDR to process and discover and remediate (encrypt, sequester) personal data as more traditional Word, and other Office technology documents as it offers today.  Discovery, Remediation or Sequestration of Personal data for GDPR and other regulatory requirements can be achieved using BDR for nearly every type of document or file in your environment.

BigDataRevealed’s Facial and Item recognition (and Biometrics) will be able to analyze and search images using much more than just the metadata levels (names of the picture or image types) but at the pixel levels to identify people, items, images (such as an antique vehicle owned by a person, or even a unique briefcase) or most anything within a picture that may be of a personal nature and flag it for review or potential removal to comply with Regulatory requirements, such as GDPR’s. Right of Erasure”.

There are many other uses for the facial / item recognition capabilities beyond GDPR and other regulatory compliancy purposes. I expect governments, legal systems, law firms and companies will see its value in other core processes.  I am excited and know these two features will be well accepted and appreciated in the market place when released in the coming month or so, as expressed by Mr. Ty Miller, COO of BigDataRevealed.

Steven Meister –

bdr in the future


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